Eco T.O.

This project was developed as a group capstone assignment for a digital career bootcamp.

Banner image showing wireframes of Eco T.O. It's composed of four images. First image is the yes-no interface underneath a prompt question. Second image is the grant listing interface, which is grouped into dropdowns for pinned and unsorted offers. Third is the grant listing page, which offers a link to the grant's original URL and other bits of info about it. Fourth and last is an interface listing the criteria pertinent to the grant.

How can we help urban agriculture organizations access the funding they need to flourish and thrive?

At present, grant hunting requires a great deal of time and administrative savvy to pull off efficiently. This can make it a challenge for smaller, less experienced teams.

Eco T.O. resolves this problem by translating grant requirements into a simple yes-no questionnaire about your organization. Its chief aim: condense grant hunting into a sub-ten minute task.

For this project, I performed market and user research, which I later translated into user personas. Those were vital reference points for our UI/UX plans.

On the left, a spreadsheet containing information about UA organizations. In the middle, the resulting user persona cards. On the right, the IA flowchart which emerged from the user persona research.
You can see the full-size personas here (PDF, 1.2MB). Also see the full information architecture flowchart here.

I also developed our IA and wireframes, which I iterated on in response to team and stakeholder input.

Composite of five images. Leftmost is a splash screen. Next is a question and answer interface. A full grant listing page follows, then a single grant page with requirement listings. Finally, a 'sign up to save results modal.'
First Figma wireframe.
Composite of seven images. Leftmost is homepage with hero banner. Then the questionnaire interface. The answer page follows. An edit answer modal is next. A match listing page follows. Next is a single grant page. Finally, the hamburger menu.
Second iteration.
Same four images as banner: final grant questionnaire, grant listings, grant page, grant requirement listings.
Final wireframe.

I compiled data about existing grants and translated them into JSON schemas. These will be used for an upcoming prototype I'm building to further demonstrate our concept.

Composite of two images: on the left, a spreadsheet of grant information. At right, a JSON file.